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How to Download Instagram Highlights

kusina August 10, 2022
There are many interesting features on Instagram, such as IGv, ask me a question, and the most popular today is Instagram highlights.
Well, other people’s highlights you can download too. By using how to download Instagram highlights that I will provide, you will get other people’s highlights without asking the person concerned.
How to Download Instagram Highlights

For many celebrities and artists, there are IG highlights in their Instagram Profiles. The form of highlights can certainly add to the uniqueness and interest of Instagram’s users.

How to Save Other People’s Instagram Highlights Without Applications

Actually, downloading other people’s IG highlights is also very easy. You don’t need to bother installing the application because to save other people’s highlights, download it through the site.
So, how to download highlights on Instagram without an application using the site.
#1. Open the application or browser software on your android phone or on your computer/pc device.
#2. If you have opened the browser, please click the site below to continue downloading Instagram highlights
#3. If so, you just need to enter the user name of the Instagram account that you want to download video/photo highlights from Instagram.
#4. Please click Download.
#5. If you want to download the highlights, then just click on the highlights of the other person you have chosen, then scroll down, and some photos or video stories will appear. If it is not clear, please note the image below.
#6. Just click Download, and then it will automatically download by itself the other person’s Instagram highlights to the gallery.

How to Download Your Own IG Highlights to Gallery

Just downloading highlights is easy, especially for you who want the highlights to be saved to the gallery.
Here is the guide:
Open a browser.
Access the web address: https://storiesig.com/
Then enter your Username, then press Enter.
Wait a moment will appear on your Instagram profile, then go to the Stories Highlights section.
Then select the highlights you want to save to the gallery.
To download IG highlights, just tap the Download button.

Example of Download Highlight Story Instagram Application

Android users are required to have the “Download Highlight Story Instagram” application because it is very useful.
1. Story Save
2. Highlight Story Saver for Instagram
How to use these applications:
Open the app.
Log in to your Instagram account if needed.
Next, select the highlight that you want to download photos or videos.
After that, download the photo or video from the highlight by tapping the Download button.
Done. The video or photo has been saved in the cellphone gallery.
So that’s how to save videos & photos from other people’s Instagram highlights. So you don’t bother anymore by using the application, because using the site can.
Hopefully, that’s useful and thank you.

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