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How to Make Highlight Instagram

kusina August 3, 2022
How to Make Highlight Instagram 6

Story content that disappears after 24 hours makes us feel comfortable sharing funny, silly and more serious moments every day.

But among the many stories you create, there must be some stories that you want to share for a longer time. Maybe it’s because they contain such precious moments that it would be a shame if they just disappeared after 24 hours. 

Well, if this happens, then you can “display” the stories you like through the Highlight feature on Instagram.
Instagram Highlights is a feature that was launched simultaneously with the Stories Archive in 2017. Its function is to “highlight” stories that you think are important and display them on your Instagram profile page.  
For example, you can create a Highlight with the title “Birthday”, and then include all the stories (both new stories and old stories) that you created on your birthday in it.
You can also create more than one Highlight. That way, you can choose which stories you want to keep forever and group them into specific highlights.  

Create Instagram Highlights from active stories

To create a Highlight from an active story, you can do so with the following steps.
Open Instagram, then tap “Your Stories”.
Find the story that you want to put into Highlights.
Then tap “Highlight”. 
How to Make Highlight Instagram
Tap the “Plus” icon to create a new Highlight.  
Name the Highlight you want to create. Then tap “Add”.  
The Highlight has been successfully created.
How to Make Highlight Instagram 2
Next, you can choose to tap “Done” or “View on Profile”. 
Done. Simple, right?

Create Instagram highlights from old stories in the archive

Importantly, make sure that your story archive settings on Instagram have been active for a long time, so you can choose your old stories stored on the archive page to be highlighted.
Here are the steps.
Open your Instagram profile page as usual.
Then tap the “New” icon in the highlight column.  
On the “New Highlights” page, tap the story stored in the archive, which you want to add to the Highlights.
If so, tap “Next”.  
At this point, you can actually tap finish. But here as an example, we will edit the cover and edit the highlight name.
Here first tap “Edit Cover”.
Please select a cover from an existing story.
You can edit the appearance of the cover by shifting its position and enlarging or reducing the image you selected in the “preview” section.  
If it’s what you want, just tap “Finish”.  
Next, you will return to the previous page. Here please tap the name section and fill in the appropriate Highlight name. Tap “Finish”.  
You will return to the profile page and find the Highlight you just created.

Adding a story to an existing highlight

Open your Instagram profile page
Tap the Highlight you want to edit.
How to Make Highlight Instagram 4
Tap the three-dot icon on the bottom right. Then tap “Edit Highlight”.
How to Make Highlight Instagram 5
Tap the story you want to add to the Highlight. If so, just tap “Done”.  
In addition to including stories in your Highlights, Instagram also allows you to edit several important elements in your Highlights. These elements can help make your highlights stand out, or make it easier for followers to know what your highlights are about. 

1. Highlight cover 

The highlight cover is an image that can be chosen to represent the content of your highlight. It can be taken from one of the existing stories, or created separately for a cooler result.

2. Highlight Name (and font used)

Each Highlight you create can be named according to the content or theme of the Highlight. You can create the name by typing it directly, or you can use unique fonts to create the highlight name.
Hopefully the information above can help you produce interesting highlights that are useful for you and your followers.
That’s all for now. See you next time.

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