How to Make Windows 11 Taskbar Color Black

To what extent do you plan on utilizing Windows 11’s black taskbar in both dark mode and in its default setting? This post will teach you how to make Windows 11 taskbar black.

In Windows 11, the taskbar, Settings, Start menu, File Explorer, menus, and Action Center all share a pastel color scheme. Both the backdrop transparency and the bright color palette give off a fresh impression.

One such customization in Windows 11 is the ability to modify the Taskbar’s color via the Settings app. If you choose not to use the standard taskbar, you may easily change its color to black.

Even though it’s just cosmetic and doesn’t change anything functional, the darker background makes the taskbar icons stand out more.

Most PC users might prefer the white taskbar, even though the black one might help them focus better. It’s easy and doesn’t take any additional software to alter the taskbar’s color. In Windows 11, the taskbar may be returned to its its black color by accessing the system’s Settings.

Activate the Dark Theme

You can user dark theme for make Windos 11 Taskbar Color Black.

Open the system preferences menu. To quickly access Windows Settings, press the Windows key plus the letter I.

Select colors from the left pane’s Personalization option.

Choose the Dark option and turn off the Transparency effects.

Reduce or eliminate Transparency effects.

Next, find the option to “Show accent color on Start and taskbar also,” uncheck it, and hit the “Apply” button.

Use a contrasting color for the taskbar and the Start menu. If you followed the steps above, your Taskbar should now be dark.

Blacken the Windows 11 taskbar without using Dark Mode

The quickest way to change the color of the Windows 11 taskbar to black is to use a dark theme or dark mode. The dark theme’s downside is that it also makes apps like File Explorer seem black. Many users probably won’t mind this, however some people just prefer not to use the dark theme all the time.

By employing this method, you may achieve a fully black taskbar without resorting to the dark theme.

  • Open the device’s configuration menu.
  • Select Colors from the Personalization menu on the left.
  • Now, click the down arrow next to Choose your color and pick the Custom option.
  • Choose the Dark option for your Windows default mode and the Light option for your app default mode from the respective drop-down menus.
  • Turn off any effects of transparency.
  • Finally, disable Show accent color on Start and taskbar.
  • Stop using the Start and taskbar accent color and turn it off.

The taskbar, Start menu, and action center have now been changed to a dark gray. The File Explorer, the Settings menu, and other locations will continue to utilize the lighter color scheme.

So long as we’re done here. Following these steps will result in a black taskbar in Windows 11 with or without the dark mode enabled.

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