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How to Mute Instagram Camera

kusina August 2, 2022

When taking a picture on Instastory, we will automatically hear a sound indicating that the photo was successfully taken. Although it’s not that loud, some users are annoyed by this sound and want to get rid of it.

Want to get rid of this camera sound, but don’t know how? Read on until the end.
Simply put, there are two solutions to this. The first is to install an additional app (such as Camera Mute) to mute the camera sound and the second is to adjust the phone’s ringer volume.
How to Mute Instagram Camera

Turn off the Instagram camera sound with “Camera Mute”

Instagram camera sound can be turned off by installing an additional app. This type of app is available on both Android (all brands) and iOS phones. Here I use Android, so the application comes from Playstore. The app I’m going to use is Camera Mute, there are many similar apps, so you can freely use others if you want.
I chose this app because it has a simple interface and is the lightest.
Let’s go straight to the steps to turn off the phone camera shutter with Camera Mute.
The first step, install Camera Mute from Playstore. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete. When it’s finished, we can immediately open the application.
We will be presented with a simple interface. There are only two buttons: “start automatic mute” and “stop”.
Camera Mute is an application to disable the phone camera shutter sound.
Press the “start automatic mute” button to start the app. Later, we can see the icon of this app in the notification bar as a sign that this app is active.
The Camera Mute app will be active by simply pressing the start automatic mute button.
If that’s the case, we just need to open Instagram, and then enter the Instastory creation menu. Well, here, we will see a mute popup box as a sign that the Instagram camera shutter sound is off.
After creating the story, we can deactivate the Camera Mute application again. Or it doesn’t need to be disabled if you still want the shutter sound to be off.

Turn off the Instagram camera sound by adjusting the phone ringer volume

All types of phones must have sound settings to adjust the volume of media, calls, rings, notifications, etc. One of these sound settings, namely the ringer volume, has an influence on the size of the camera shutter sound.
Friends who want to turn off their phone’s camera sound can do so by adjusting this ringer volume setting. This ringer volume adjustment can be done on all brands and types of Android (Oppo, Realme, Redmi, Vivo, Samsung, etc.) and iOS (iPhone) phones.
Refer to the following steps!
Press the volume UP or Down button on your phone
Look for the physical button to adjust your phone’s sound. It’s usually located on the side – can be left, can be right, depending on the brand of phone. Press either one.
How to Mute Instagram Canera
Sound settings pop up, press the “bell” icon.

How to turn off Instagram camera sound on all phones

In this example, the “vibrating bell” icon indicates that your cellphone ringtone is sounding. The Instagram camera sound will sound as long as our cell phone ringtone sounds.
Press until it changes to a “crossed out bell” icon
This crossed-out bell icon indicates that our ringtone has been muted so the result should be that the Instagram camera sound will also disappear.
Please test and open your Instagram camera
Try taking a picture for your instastory and see if the check sound when taking a picture is gone. It should already be.
If so, please return the tone settings to the original.
If you are satisfied taking photos for your story, you can return the ringtone settings to the original.
Friends who want to turn off their phone’s camera sound can do so through adjusting this ringer volume setting. This ringer volume adjustment can be done on all brands and types of Android (Oppo, Realme, Redmi, Vivo, Samsung, etc.) and iOS (iPhone) phones.
In case you can’t adjust the ringer volume with the physical buttons (broken buttons or whatever), you have another option by setting it via quick settings. Check out the steps!
Swipe down the phone screen from the very top. This is to open the quick settings on our phone. Look for the menu and tab once Volume Panel (the name might be different on your phone).
Later you will see the exact same popup box as in the previous two steps above. You can immediately tap the bell icon until the icon changes to a crossed out bell.
After that, please use the Instagram camera as usual.
If it’s done, you can restore the bell icon as before so that your ringtone has a sound again.
In addition to the method discussed above, we can also adjust the ringer volume in another way, namely the sound settings on the cellphone. But the point remains the same, that is, we want our ringtone to be temporarily turned off. Here are the steps.
Please open your phone settings. Then, find and open the sound menu.
We will see the media volume menu, call, ringer, notification, and so on. We select the ringer volume menu, then swipe left to turn it off.
Done. Go ahead and open Instagram to create your Instastory. We assure you, you won’t hear the phone’s camera shutter sound anymore. And when you’re done, you can return the ringer volume setting to its original position.
How easy is that?
All you have to do is choose the method that best suits your current situation. Would you rather install an additional app (Camera Mute) or adjust your phone’s ringer volume? It’s all up to you. Please choose, and happy Instastory creation without worrying about hearing the camera sound again.
Maybe this is the end of this article. See you next time.

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