How to Remove Highlights from Instagram without Deleting

Instagram has been launching a story feature in its service for quite some time. This feature is constantly being improved by the subsidiary under Facebook Inc.
Since its launch in 2016, the story feature has become one of the most popular features for Instagram users. For this reason, this feature is being improved, one of which is the highlight feature.
For those who don’t know, the highlight feature is a feature that can be used to display story uploads for a period on the user’s account profile page.
How to Remove Highlights from Instagram without Deleting

Initially, the Instastory feature could only last a day after being uploaded. With this highlight feature, Instastory can be displayed as long as possible according to the users’ will.
The question is, how to remove the story highlights on Instagram? Especially when users want to delete the highlights account profile.

How to Delete Story Highlights on Instagram without Deleting

  1. Open the profile page of your Instagram account.
  2. Next, tap on the story highlight that you want to delete.
  3. Select the More option in the bottom right corner.
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  4. After several options appear, select Remove from Highlight.
  5. Then, confirm by tapping the Remove option.
As additional information, the highlight feature is handy for those who run a business, for example, an online selling business. You can post discount announcements or other announcements for longer.
For those who don’t know how to use it, you can activate this feature when the story you shared is successfully uploaded. Then, tap the Highlight button in the bottom right corner when opening the Instastory.
If the Instastory has been archived (not deleted) or has expired, you can visit your account profile page. And then tap the New sign at the bottom of the profile description.

How to Delete Story Highlights on Instagram – Create a Highlight Fix

Next, select the story that will be shown again with highlights. Users can edit the Cover with any image they want and title it however they want, ending with tapping the Done button.
Interestingly, you can use this story highlight feature not only to display one story highlight. You can use this feature for up to a total of one hundred photos or videos on Instagram story highlights.
How’s that? It’s easy, right? You can delete highlights on your Instagram very effortlessly. If you still have questions or a more effective way, post them in the comment section! 
Good luck!

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