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How to Report Spam & Fake Accounts on Instagram

kusina August 15, 2022
Instagram is a pretty popular app nowadays. Instagram is not only used to share photos and videos. Instagram has also become a new “money-making” land.
Many irresponsible people create spam accounts with other people’s identities and photos.
The ease of registering an Instagram account makes Instagram an easy target for spammers to reap the benefits. Someone can just take your photo and re-upload it on their fake account.
How to Report Spam & Fake Accounts on Instagram
To overcome this, Instagram has a report/report feature for every user who feels harmed by others.

You can report spam accounts to be followed up by Instagram. To disable the account or permanently block it from Instagram.
Some violations that you can report are as follows:
Using accounts for spam, using Instagram to make comments deemed inappropriate or disrespectful, making comments threatening/endangering others, making annoying promotions, etc.
Uploading inappropriate content by irresponsible people to post violent, sexual, and more content.
Fake accounts like this happen a lot to upload photos that don’t belong to them (for example, using photos of beautiful girls) to get a lot of followers.
If you are an Instagram content creator, you have rights to your work. If someone else uses your video without permission, it falls into the category of violating copyright.
Before you report the account, it would be better if you recognize/explore the account first.
Recognize the violation and make sure that the account really falls into the category of the breach.
If you report, but the account is not proven to violate later, you will be considered spam by Instagram.

A. How to report spam accounts on Instagram

Spam on Instagram is an unkind act that can be done in the comments column, posts, likes and so on is unpleasant behaviour done by others.
1. Open the Instagram application on your respective smartphones.
2. Then open the post you posted or your friend’s post. You see if there are accounts that comment unfavourably or copied comments (selling drugs, etc.). If there is already spam, click on the account name.
3. After you click on the name, the account will be marked, and there is a transparent blue bar above.
4. After that, you click the exclamation mark in the upper right corner, which is on the blue bar.
5. After that, a small box will appear containing several menu options with the title “Why are you reporting this comment?”. Well, just choose “Spam or Fraud”.
6. If you have reported it, the account that reported the spam earlier is no longer in the comments section.

B. How to report fake accounts on Instagram

Make sure that the account to be announced is really fictitious. So that we will not be accused of spam by Instagram.
1. Open the Instagram application on your respective smartphone.
2. After that, you open the account profile that you suspect is fake.
3. Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
4. After that, select “Report”.
5. The report page will appear. And there are two choices you just choose inappropriately. In the picture, I have already put the SPAM one. It’s actually free to select which one best suits the situation at that time.
6. After that, a new menu will appear, whether we will report certain parts, such as posts or the entire account. Again, choose depending on the conditions. If only one post can be evidence of a problematic account, then report only the post.
7. Because in the former option we chose “Report Account”, the next question to reporting the account. Here we choose “this pretends to be someone else”.
8. After that, you will be asked for information about your report. Choose the one that suits your complaint. Here I choose “someone I know”. After that, tap “send the report”.
9. After you report it, Instagram will review whether the account is fake. If the account is proven to be fictitious, Instagram will notify you via notification.
The method above you can do very quickly, but it should not be used carelessly. It could be that Instagram will mark people who give false reports. But, if your account is correct, don’t be afraid to click the send report button.
You can report the account as spam or fake. To find out whether the account is fake or not, you can see it from the posts or comments on the post.
You can also report accounts that use names, photos or descriptions of people you know, such as your friends or family.
Then what happens after we report certain accounts or posts on Instagram?
Usually, the account or post will still appear. While your report will enter the Instagram database. After that, a team from Instagram checks all incoming reports. From there, they will determine whether your report is accurate or not.
There are many types of sanctions on Instagram, such as action blocked, temporary banned (there is a time lag), and finally permanently banned.
Even after being permanently banned, the reported account owner can still appeal, if the appeal is accepted, the account may be reactivated.
What do you think? Ready to report fraudulent and spammer accounts on Instagram? Although, Instagram still needs humans to report accounts like this, eventually, Instagram will learn and have an algorithm to detect accounts like this.
That’s all the discussion this time. See you again.

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