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How to See Your Old Bios on Instagram

kusina August 12, 2022
Bio on Instagram is data can fill in to describe brief information about yourself. Later this brief information can be seen by other Instagram users who visit your Instagram account.

Because it is only short information, you can reset the bio at any time. So you can change it until you get the right bio.
But if you don’t like the new bio and want to use the old one, just look at the history. But unfortunately, there are still many Instagram users who don’t know how to see the bio history they’ve used.
How to See Your Old Bios on Instagram 1

Therefore, I intend to provide a guide on how to view bio-history on Instagram. If you also don’t know how to check out my guide here.

How to view your bio text history on the regular Instagram app

There are 2 ways to see the bio on Instagram. The first way to see bio-history is on regular Instagram, and the second is the Beta version.
First, I will explain to use the regular Instagram application. You must access the Access Data feature available in Instagram Security Settings.
Here are the steps.
1. Tap the More Options icon and select the Settings option.
2. Then select Security settings.
3. Refer to the Data and History section, locate and tap the Access Data option.
4. You will be redirected to the Account Data page, and tap View All Previous Bio Texts.
5. All the Bio texts that you have used will be displayed.
6. Done.

How to view your bio text history on Instagram Beta

The features that will be explained below are available on the beta version of Instagram when this article is written.
The feature may have been released to regular Instagram. So please try it on regular Instagram first. If you don’t find this feature on regular Instagram, you need to install the Instagram beta app.
Immediately, here are the steps to see the bio text history on the beta version of Instagram.
1. Please open the Profile tab on Instagram, then type the More Options icon at the top.
2. After that, several options will appear, select the Your Activity one.
3. Several activities will appear because you want to see bio-history, you can select the Account History option.
4. All changes to the Instagram account profile modification will be visible, such as Bio, Name, Password and so on.
5. Done.

Can the bio on Instagram be deleted?

Since you can see your bio on Instagram, many questions come to me about the feature to delete the history. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a feature that allows you to delete your bio or other Instagram account activity.
This shouldn’t be a problem for you.
All this history is useful for you to keep control of your account. If someone else is messing with your Instagram account, you can check it by looking at the history of bio changes or other account activity in the feature.
After all, this bio-history and account activity is not shared publicly anyway. So, those who can see it, only you as the owner of the account.

How to See Your Old Bios on Instagram?

So that’s the discussion about whether you can see and delete bio-history on Instagram. In conclusion, you can only see the bio on Instagram that has been used. Then to delete it, Instagram does not provide this feature for now. In the future, we don’t know.
That’s all the discussion from me in this article. Ask via the comments column if there are questions related to this issue.

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