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How to Upload Video to Instagram Longer than 1 Minute

kusina August 19, 2022
In addition to uploading photos, we can also use IG to upload videos. But maybe there are don’t know how to upload videos on Instagram.
Instagram is one of the social media that takes the theme of photography. However, the platform also supports its users’ share videos.
How to Upload Video to Instagram Longer than 1 Minute
On Instagram, we can share a video for 1 minute. If we want to upload a video with more than 60 seconds, we can share it using the app.

We can also share videos on our Instagram stories.

How to Upload Video on Instagram

Instagram video upload steps:
  1. Run the IG application on our Android phone or iPhone. Make sure we have logged in with an IG account.
  2. Next, tap the + sign in the middle of the menu at the bottom of the smartphone. 
  3. After that, search and choose the video that we will upload.
  4. If we want to upload more than one video in the same post. Select multiple posts at the bottom right of the video.
  5. If so, the next step is to press Next in the upper right corner.
  6. Then we will be directed to create a filter or add various other effects to the video.
  7. In addition, we can also choose the cover of the video that we will upload. The cover selection aims to make the video look more attractive.
  8. Next, we will be directed to create the video caption. In addition, we can also add hashtags or hashtags.
  9. We can also add other options, such as tagging people or adding locations.
If all the settings feel right. Press the share button in the upper right corner of our phone screen.

How to Solve Failure to Upload Video on IG

Sometimes we experience problems when uploading our videos to Instagram.
Whether it’s a video with a duration of 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and others.
Usually, a description will appear video can’t be posted, or we’re sorry, but there was a problem posting your video.
But calm down. There are tips to overcome these problems.
  1. First, download the Video Converter Android app via the Google Play Store.
  2. After that, open the application. Then Tap on the Browse section then select the video we mean.
  3. Next, select Convert and then select Start.
  4. Wait until the process is complete.
  5. If so, we can save the video.
  6. Next, open our Instagram, and try to upload the video that has converted.

Video Upload Tips on Instagram

Before uploading videos on Instagram, there are some tips or suggestions that we can.
Upload videos with good images and sound quality. With good video quality, other users will be more comfortable seeing the videos we upload.
Make sure the size of the Instagram video. We can use 1:1 resolution for videos in square format. Use 16:9 resolution for videos with landscape size. And 9:16 for portrait videos commonly used to make video stories or IGTV.
Create a video with a duration of 1 minute. Because Instagram limits the time of videos uploaded with a maximum duration of 1 minute. If we have a video of more than 1 minute, we can divide it into several parts.
Keep working and uploading useful content on Instagram using the method above.

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