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How to View Private Instagram

kusina August 7, 2022
Being nosy is not wrong. As long as it doesn’t harm others, it’s okay to do. One level of curiosity that is often experienced by cyberspace users is on private Instagram accounts. When the IG account is locked, other than people who follow will not be able to open the profile.
How to View Private Instagram

This is a dilemma for people who are curious about someone’s Instagram. You are reluctant to follow the account but curious about the upload! Apparently, there is a way to see the simplest private Instagram, even though you don’t have to follow that person’s account. 

The Ways to see private Instagram through various tricks

The following ways to see private Instagram without following can make it easier for you to stalk someone’s account. You can choose whether you want to use websites, apps, or other unique tricks that are free to try.

1. Borrow a friend’s cell phone

Use another smartphone to see private Instagram without following. You can borrow your friend’s cell phone, who already follows the account. Use your friend’s Instagram account so your nosy activities will not be caught.
Besides being safe, this way of viewing private Instagram photos will also be profitable. You can save more quota. However, before trying this trick, you must ask permission from your friend.

2. Using a fake account

There is an advantage when Instagram allows more than 1 account on a smartphone. It contains people who have multiple accounts in addition to their main accounts. Some create a second account for business, special hobbies, or maybe just for fun.
Indirectly, that feature makes it easy for you to stalk people. This is what led to the next way to see private Instagram photos.
Pride to follow but want to know the person in question? The trick is to use another account! Second accounts, commonly referred to as fake accounts, are the right means to find out about people who make you curious.
Fake accounts are sometimes an option when your curiosity gets the best. When you use a fake account, you’re free to follow whoever you want. By using how to see private Instagram without following, you can freely follow anyone.
But when creating a fake account, try not to use a name and upload photos that depict you. Use an unexpected name so that no one is unsuspecting.

3. Utilize the site Instalooker.com

How to see the private Instagram account can be through the Instalooker.com site. This site allows anyone to see the contents and posts of a locked Instagram account. After that, you can also download photos through the Download feature.
Another advantage of this site, it can be accessed for free. You don’t need to spend a dime to use it. All you need is an internet quota, and you’re good to go!
To access it, simply enter the IG account name of the person whose profile is padlocked. Make sure to write it correctly! If typed incorrectly, the account in question will not be read. After that, just follow how to see private Instagram photos on the site.

4. Use the Instaspy.net site

The Instaspy site is indeed a champion for helping curious humans! This one website can make it easier for you to find out what the contents of the posts from the blocked Instagram account are.
Operating this site is also not difficult. In addition, using this way of viewing a private Instagram account is more practical because you don’t need to download the application first. Interestingly, the site also allows you to download photos from locked accounts, give like, and even comments.
How to see a private Instagram account starts with running your Instagram application. Open the account profile you want to see. Copy the private user profile link. Then just visit the official website at the link below.
After that, select See Private Profiles Now. Still on the Instaspy site, just open a new tab and paste the account profile link in the URL box provided. Select Want to View, and you can see the post.

5. Simple Private Instagram Viewer Site

Apart from the two sites above, there are still ways to see private Instagram without following through with the site. Private Instagram Viewer. What distinguishes this web from the previous one is its somewhat simpler appearance.
With this simple display, it is not surprising that many people access the page. Follow the steps below!
Enter the official website. Fill in the name of the intended IG account in the column provided. Please see the post yourself, or you can also download it directly. Interestingly for premium users, you can later use the auto-follow feature.

6. Utilize the Instagram+ application

The Instagram+ application is an application to view private Instagram. The app allows users to find out photos or videos from a private Instagram account.
But there is one drawback to this way of viewing private Instagram accounts. The minus is that the application is not available on the Google PlayStore. 
The first way to see private Instagram is to download and install the application on your smartphone. Log in just like when you log in to your account. Search for the Instagram account of the person you’re curious about, and voila! You can see all of their posts.

7. Use web browser tricks

If all the ways to see private Instagram above have been applied but still fail, at least you should know what the profile picture of the account you are curious about looks like. If the profile photo of the person’s IG account is viewed directly, then the image can be broken and unclear.
For that, certain tricks are needed so that you can open the profile photo so that it is clearer and has good quality. The trick is to open your Instagram account using a browser on a PC or laptop.
How to see this private Instagram is continued by opening the IG profile account of the person concerned. Right-click the account’s profile photo. Copy the Image Address and paste it into the new tab of the web browser used.
Delete the code “s320x320” or “s140x140” (without quotation marks) in the middle of the link on the new tab. Click enter, and a larger profile photo appears on the screen. 
Actually, there are still several ways to see private Instagram that use applications. Some applications such as INK361, Stalkie For Instagram, Qeek For Instagram, InstaView, and Follow Gram Pro are available on Google PlayStore. As an alternative, you can use one of these apps. 

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