How To View Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture Full Size

As a social media user, you’re often curious about your idol’s photo or your follower’s profile, right? Well, one of the ways you usually do this is by looking at the profile picture.
However, you are certainly not satisfied when you see profile photos that are small in size. Instagram does not provide options or features to see other users’ profile photos in full size.
This is a drawback of Instagram that distinguishes it from other social media. If we want to see someone’s profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp, we can “tap” the profile picture, and the display will change to full size. But if we do this on someone’s Instagram account, what will appear in their Instagram stories?
How To View Someone's Instagram Profile Picture Full Size 1

What’s worse, you must be really upset if you’re curious about someone’s Instagram, but it turns out that the account is private or padlocked. You don’t need to be upset anymore, friend. Here, I will tell you how you can see your idol’s profile photo or your friend’s profile photo in full size. You can see the profile photo even if the account is private or padlocked. How interesting is that? Let’s just see the following method.

How to download full Instagram profile photos Full Size, Including Private Account

Here we will use one of the online tools available on the site. Let’s just see and practice the method below.
Open the page
Enter the username in the column provided.
Tap the search button.
Wait until the “Continue” button appears, then tap the “Continue” button.
Instadp will load a few tens of seconds, be patient.
After the results appear, tap the “Full Size” button.
The following is the result of a full-size photo successfully taken by Instadp.
Tap the “Download” button to download the photo.

Alternative sites to Instadp

When you read this turns out to be problematic, there are some other alternative sites. The sites below have been tested and successfully used for private accounts.
b. (Specifically. number two cannot be used for photos from private accounts.)
Well, that’s to view and download Instagram profile photos in full size, friend. You can use this method to view profile photos of accounts that are private or not private. Just choose which procedure suits the target you want to visit.
How is this good? You don’t need to be confused and upset anymore if you want to visit other people’s profile photos. Have fun trying it out.
By the way, for friends who have other, better alternatives, you can add them in the comments column, guys.

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