Instagram Multiple Photos Size

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others must have a feature to display photos, either for profile photos, cover photos, or photos uploaded as news feeds.
But what is often a problem is sometimes some of the photos you upload on social media are not the right size or do not fit what you want.
For example, when you upload a photo, some photos are too big or too small. So, the results are a little blurry or blurry. It must be a shame if the pictures you are going to upload are good. But, it doesn’t match the size determined by Instagram.

instagram multiple photos size

Each social media has a recommended photo size rule to use because the layout of each social media is different. The same applies to Instagram. So if you don’t understand it, you won’t be able to upload your photos optimally.
Photo size for Instagram
Well, that’s why you should know about the ideal photo sizes for social media. In this case, what I will explain is Instagram. Here is an explanation of the size of photos for Instagram.

A. Photo size for Instagram profile

Profile on Instagram is one to attract the attention of your followers. Having an attractive and good profile photo is definitely a matter of pride and satisfaction for you, right? For that, you should really need to know the right photo size for your Instagram profile photo so that the image will make a profile photo not cut off because of the wrong size.
For the size of the profile photo on Instagram, you should use a photo with a length by the width of 512 x 512 px. This site is very suitable and fitting when used to install your profile photo. The most minimal size you can use for profile photos is 110 x 110 px, but that size is not recommended for you because it is too small.

B. Photo size for posting on Instagram timeline

Uploading photos of your best activities to Instagram is indubitably one of your goals. Sometimes when you want to upload photos, you run into problems with the size of the photo being too large. So, your pictures are cut off and don’t match what you want.
If you want to upload a photo on Instagram, first pay attention to what kind of photo you will upload. Whether the shape of the photo is square, landscape, or portrait.
If you want to upload a square photo, you should use a size of 1080 x 1080 px. If you want a landscape, use a size of 1080 x 566 px. Or it can also be a portrait size with a size of 1080 x 1350 px.

C. Photo size for stories

Well, as an Instagram kid, of course, you will never leave stories. Every day there are always things that you upload to stories.
If you want to upload photos to stories, you should use photos measuring 1080 x 1920 px. This size is perfect for updating your IG stories because the photo will not be cut or broken.

How to set photo size

To set the size of the photo, you only need to edit it through your cellphone. There are many choices of applications to resize your photo size. Here I will use the “Photo compress & Resize” application which I think is easy to use tiny file size, and has quiet features.
“Photo compress & Resize” app view
View of the “Photo compress & Resize” application
In the following, I will briefly explain how to use the “Photo compress & Resize” application to resize your photos.
First, open the “Photo compress & Resize” application that you have installed before. Then you select “resize photos”. After that, you select the photo you want to resize.
Next, you just set the width and height you want. Don’t forget to turn off “Maintain Aspect Ratio” if you want to enter the width and height numbers manually.
In the last step, you just need to select “Start Resizing” to resize. That’s it.
If you have problems resizing photos on your cellphone, just use the paint application on your PC or laptop to make it easier.
Okay, that was the explanation of the size of the photo that I recommend. As well as how to resize the size of the picture so that it can suit your needs. It’s useless if you have a beautiful photo but once posted on Instagram, it is cut off, or the image is broken, etc.
You should know the size of the photo that you will post on Instagram is in accordance or not with the standard size set by Instagram.
If you have anything to add/questions, please comment below. Don’t forget to share if you find it useful.

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