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His NFL team picks him knowing Harris will provide a whole heckuva lot but categorically will not produce explosive plays. If there are two other concerns, it’s that Harris is built high, runs high, and doles out punishment but also takes his fair share -- will he continue to be able to handle 300-touch loads in the NFL the next five years while staying off IR?Las Vegas Raiders

That also means the Steelers don’t need to use their first round pick on a replacement for Dupree. Instead, look for Pittsburgh to secure a new edge rusher on Day 2. Someone like Pittsburgh’s Patrick Jones or Wake Forest’s Carlos “Boogie” Basham could fit nicely into the Steelers’ defense in 2021.

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Custom NFL Mugs

Smith threw for over 4,000 yards for the only time in his career that season. He completed 67.5 percent of his passes and chucked 26 touchdowns and just five picks. He started 15 of 16 games. He got K.C. back to the playoffs.Tennessee Titans

That's why the Panthers were willing to make the trade offer for Stafford; why they've cleared more than $20 million in cap space to get to $31 million available to build around whoever calls signals.

However, if the Jets are ready to contend in the AFC East, they need a quarterback of Wilson’s demeanor.

"A couple of days ago, it really seemed like Marcus Mariota was going to be on the move," Rapoport said. "I know teams were interested, were calling the Las Vegas Raiders about potentially acquiring Marcus Mariota. Things did get down the line a little bit. There is significant interest in teams trying to get Marcus Mariota ... but there is an issue. Take a look at his contract. He's due a little more than $10 million this year. If he's going to be a bridge starter, which would be the role he'd come in and play, that's not bad. That's actually not the issue.Seattle Seahawks

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"Going back to my freshman year, the national championship game," Tagovailoa said. "Before the pass, he told me to give him the ball. So I trusted him, gave him the ball, and you see exactly what he did."Los Angeles Rams

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