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Posting Multiple Pictures on Instagram

kusina August 13, 2022
In the Instagram application, there is a feature called multiple posts. When interpreted, this multiple post feature functions to allow you to post many photos on Instagram at once.
So that if you have a lot of similar photos, for example, after travelling, events and others can be uploaded directly to one post. Because if you have to upload one by one, it will definitely be troublesome.
Now, for how to upload lots of photos on Instagram, here I have 2 methods that you can choose. First, through the Instagram application on cellphones and PCs.
Posting Multiple Pictures on Instagram 1

Limitations of the Multiple Pictures

This multiple-pictures feature on Instagram has been around for a long time. The number of photos you can upload in one post in this feature is also quite a lot, up to 10 photos.
How to upload many photos in IG posts via the Instagram application on HP
I’ll discuss how to do it via cellphone first. Because many Instagram users use it on their cellphone application.
If for the method itself, it is very similar to wanting to post a single photo. The difference is when selecting the photo you want to upload, you have to choose several. Not just one photo.
For more details, you can follow the guidelines that I will provide below:
1. First, please open the Instagram application and tap the Add Post icon at the bottom.
2. Next, tap the Multiple Post icon.
3. Select the photos you want to upload and tap the Next icon.
4. Then, feel free to apply a filter.
If you only want to apply it to one of the photos, tap the round icon at the bottom and search for the desired filter. Tap Check and Next when you’re done. If you directly select a filter without tapping the round icon, the entire photo will use the selected filter.
5. Finally, please fill in details such as captions and tags. If so, tap check.
6. Wait until the upload process is complete and see the results of your multiple photo posts on Instagram.
7. Done.
How to upload multiple photos on Instagram posts on a PC
Furthermore, if you like to play Instagram on a PC or don’t want to bother sending pictures on your computer to your cellphone, you can also use this method.
Because now, Instagram PC already has a feature to upload multiple posts without the help of additional sites or applications.
Now for how to upload multiple Instagram posts on a PC, you can see how as follows:
1. Please access the Instagram site in the browser, then click the Add Post icon at the top.
2. A dialogue box will appear, you can click the Select From Computer button.
3. File Explorer will open, select some photos and click Open.
4. After uploading successfully, you can click the Next menu.
5. Add filters to each photo if you want. If so, click the Next menu.
6. Finally, please enter the Caption and Location in the respective fields. For tags, you can click on the photo area and search for the Username you want to tag. Click Share if you have configured it.
7. For example, if it has been uploaded successfully, you can see the results of the post. More or less will be like the picture below.
8. Done.
How, very easy for sure, right? Because how to upload multiple photos on Instagram is very similar to posting a regular single post.
The difference is, that you only have to tap the multiple post icon first if on a cellphone. As for PC, you only have to select a few photos from File Explorer.
That’s all from me about this discussion, you can ask in the comments if you have difficulty. Hopefully, my guide can be useful.

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