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How to Resize Image For Instagram Without Cropping

kusina August 25, 2022
Since Instagram only takes square photographs, what do you do if you have a landscape shot that is three by four inches? Before you upload it to Instagram, you will be given the option to crop it. If you want to save the photo composition you worked so hard on, cropping it is not the way to go.

Adjust the proportions of your photos with Instagram’s Crop feature

When Instagram was launched, users could only post photographs that were square and had a ratio of 1:1. In 2015, however, the app received an upgrade that altered this limitation, and now allows users to share images that are either portrait or landscape oriented.
Changing the dimensions of your photos on Instagram is a breeze when you use the crop function. When you are adding a new post, there will be an icon on the bottom left of your post screen that is a light grey colour with a white frame inside. When you click on it, it will immediately resize your photographs to make them fit within the frame. You may also squeeze your fingers together to create a smaller version of your image that will fit within the post.
The primary disadvantage of using this approach is that it is restricted, as a result, it could not completely cover the surplus, or it might oddly resize them. You want your photographs to have a clean, natural look, but the zoom option can only do so much to help you achieve this goal.

Resize Image for Instagram without Cropping Photoshop

Whether you want to know how to make photographs fit on Instagram without trimming them or you want to be able to do it using Photoshop, you can do this operation effectively. I can resize photographs for Instagram, and you do not require any special knowledge or experience with Photoshop to do so. However, it is very necessary to post pictures on Instagram that are of good quality.
In point of fact, Instagram portrait photos are limited to a maximum aspect ratio of 4:5. You can resize a vertical photo so that it may be shared on Instagram, But this will cause your image to become square rather than its original orientation. Therefore, to generate photographs suitable for Instagram, follow the instructions step by step as follows:

1. Adjust the dimensions of your photo to fit Instagram.

Choose Image Size from the menu, then adjust the dimensions such that the length of the image is 1048 pixels. Make sure the “Resample Image” box is ticked, and refrain from making any adjustments to the pixel dimensions.

2- Extend the Canvas of the Image

Make sure the unit is set to Pixels once you have chosen Canvas Size. Then, replace the value indicating the size with 1048. The next step is to change the colour of the Canvas extension to either white or dark grey, whichever you like.

3. Save the Picture in JPEG Format

Choose “Save as” to store your photograph as a JPEG file, and then adjust the Quality setting to “9 High.” After that, you should publish your picture on Instagram.

4. Add a Background to the Picture

Because many Instagram users post several photographs, these users want a simple editing tool that can resize photos for Instagram. Including a backdrop in a photograph is a quick and simple approach to avoid having to edit photos before uploading them to Instagram.

Resize Image For Instagram Without Cropping Online

You may edit photographs online for free using BunnyPic, which is an excellent application that you can utilize. It is not necessary for you to join up for the service, install the software, or be concerned about having a watermark on your photographs. It is completely free to use and easy to understand for newcomers.

Resize Image For Instagram Using BunnyPic

The following actions need to be taken to resize your photographs with BunnyPic:
  1. Navigate to the Editor for BunnyPic.
  2. Simply choose the picture you wish to modify and select Open from Computer from the drop-down menu.
  3. To scale the canvas to 1080 by 1080 pixels or a 1:1 aspect ratio, navigate to the Image menu and select Canvas Size.
    Resize Image For Instagram Without Cropping 2
  4. Make a new layer and move it so that it is underneath the photo layer.
  5. White should be used to fill in the new layer, but if dark mode is being used by both you and your followers, black should be used instead.
  6. After you have adjusted the settings to your liking, select File > Export In to save the file as a PNG or JPG format.
  7. When compared to the image that had been cropped in the past, it is clear that the image has been restored to its full, original quality while maintaining a perfect fit within the frame.

Resize Image For Instagram Using Kapwing

1. Launch Kapwing’s resizer

Then upload the horizontal or landscape photo you wish to post as a vertical image. The resizer on Kapwing is available for free online, so there is no need to download any other software to use it. It is compatible with movies, GIFs, and still photos.
Resize Image For Instagram Without Cropping 3
Note: If you want to alter your photographs or apply filters to them before resizing them, you should do so before resizing them. Because of this, the white backdrop will remain unaffected by the alterations and changes made to the colours.

2. Adjust the Size and Choose a Background Color

Instagram users should select the 1:1 aspect ratio option (Kapwing supports 16:9 sizing for YouTube and other formats). You can modify the colour of the backdrop and utilize the zoom and positioning tools Kapwing provides to zoom in, crop, or create a border. When the preview of your article looks. How you want it to when you publish it, click the “Export Image” button!
Alternately, you may use the “FB/Twitter Portrait” option on Kapwing to scale your post to a 4:5 aspect ratio. It will cause it to occupy more vertical space in the Instagram stream.

3: Download and Distribute the Files

After a short while, the image or video you want to download will be available. If you sign in to your account, you’ll have the option to remove the Kapwing watermark at no additional cost. You can download and upload your photo or video on Instagram without having to trim it before doing so because it has an aspect ratio of 1:1.
Once you have entered into a Kapwing account, the watermark that was previously located in the lower right corner of your final image will be eliminated. If you are not currently logged into a Kapwing account, you may sign in or join up using your Google or Facebook account.


Resize Image For Instagram Without Cropping Using Third-Application

Resize Image For Instagram Using iResizer

This third-app can use for iPhone user. Before you use this app, you must download first. After that, follow this step.
  1. Initially, load the picture into iResizer.
  2. Choose which parts of the image you wish to keep their original proportions while editing.
  3. Mark a region of the picture using any of the selection tools to indicate that this portion of the picture should not be scaled.
  4. You also have the option of not selecting anything and letting an intelligent algorithm choose which aspects of the image should be preserved after scaling.
  5. Modify the aspect ratio.
  6. Now start the procedure, and in the dialogue box that appears, just choose the aspect ratio of 1:1 for the image that will be output, and then click OK.
  7. When changing the aspect ratio of an image, you have two options: maximize or minimize. For instance, if you want to create a square image with an aspect ratio of 1:1 from an image with a typical aspect ratio of 4:3, for example, 800×600 pixels, you can either Minimize it to 600×600 px or Maximize it to 800×800 px. Minimizing an image allows you to keep the proportions of the original image while changing the ratio.
  8. Take pleasure in the picture that’s just right.
  9. You don’t have to worry about cropping your images before uploading them to Instagram. There won’t be any more white space around the pictures now!

Resize Image For Instagram Using PicsArt 

PicsArt is a well-known picture editing software that can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. It offers a superior and one-of-a-kind method for resizing your photographs so that they are compatible with Instagram. The white or black borders that were available in the earlier versions of the program have been replaced with a blur effect that can be applied to the image borders. This effect is far more appealing to the eye.
The following steps need to be taken in order to use PicsArt to modify your Instagram photos without cropping them:
  1. Launch the photo from the camera roll or gallery on your device.
  2. To share, select the icon to the right.
  3. PicsArt should be chosen. Your image will open in PicsArt after you click this.
  4. Choose Effects from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Choose the Square fit option, then use the slider to apply a blur of 50%.

Resize Image For Instagram Using CorelDraw

You get started, just be sure to follow these easy steps:
  1. You will need to save the image to your computer before opening it in the appropriate program to edit images.
  2. Using the image editor, crop the photo so that it has a 5:4 aspect ratio, and then modify the shot such that the subject is in the front and centre.
  3. You should post the picture on Instagram.
  4. If it doesn’t quite work or if it leaves the picture subject hanging out to dry, you may establish the 5:4 ratio by adding a white border to each side of the image.

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