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Seamless Multi Post Instagram Without Photoshop

kusina August 1, 2022
Until now, Instagram carousels continue to be a popular feature. They may even be essential to keeping users interested, as they prompt users to pause and manually swipe.
Seamless Multi Post Instagram Without Photoshop
This article will explain why using an Instagram carousel in your social media plan is a good idea. To get you started, we’ll also provide you with a ton of helpful hints, examples, and ideas. Come on, we need to get started.

What is A Carousel on Instagram?

Instagram users who want to see many photos or videos in a single post can do so by simply swiping left on the post on the mobile app. Clicking the right arrow button on a desktop computer will open a carousel post. Image a slideshow of postings that any user may forward and reverse at will.

If the initial slide in a carousel post is interesting enough, the reader is more likely to continue looking at the rest of the information. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Instagram carousels get higher interaction rates than either photos or videos posted individually.
According to research conducted by Socialinsider.io, carousel postings generate more comments and shares than single images or videos. Carousels get engagement rates between 1.65% and 5.40%, depending on the number of people that follow the account. As of now, Instagram’s average engagement rate is 1.22%, so yours is significantly higher.

Instagram carousels: When to Utilize Them?

Instagram carousels are a fantastic choice for strategic content because of their one-of-a-kind format. Instagram carousel posts are best utilized when:
  • The Value of Educational Content
  • Indicators and diagrams
  • Tutorials
  • Promoting a product via narrative
  • Comparisons of the Old and New
  • Image Dumping
  • Launches of New Products
  • Changes to products and labels
  • Highlights from a user-generated event
  • Snapshots from the set

Resolution Requirements for Instagram Carousel Post

You should care about how your Instagram carousel post looks on Instagram while making one. Therefore, it’s crucial to stick to the specified measurements. Create and optimize your content considering the following three possible aspect ratios:
  • Square (1:1)
  • Horizontal (1.91:1)
  • Vertical (4:5)
Instagram suggests a picture size of 1080px by 1080px. The smallest resolution of a video maybe is 600×600, and the largest is 1080×1080.

Create Seamless Multi Post Instagram without Photoshop

Have not to panic if you don’t have Photoshop; we can still create the photo using Canva, Snapseed, and other similar programs.

A. Use Canva to Make a Carousell Instagram Post

1. Determine the optimal dimensions for your seamless Instagram carousel.

You may use Canva to make simply five individual postings. But that’s not the point of this article; we want to make a carousel with smooth transitions between each slide.
One layout will be dissected into individual carousel panels at a later date. By doing so, we’re able to provide the customer with a fantastic experience when scrolling through the slides and create the impression that they’re all related.

2. Make a new Design using Correct Size.

Navigate to your Canva dashboard’s Create a Design menu and from there, choose Custom Size. Width: 1080px * Number of Slides – Height: 1080px.
Or, for more space-consuming carousel posts in portrait orientation (recommended):
Height: 1350px, Width: 1080px * Number of Slides
Seamless Multi Post Instagram Without Photoshop 2

An example of Canva’s design sizes for 2- to 6-slide carousels:
  • 2160 × 1080 pixels (or 1350px) for 2 slides.
  • 3240 x 1080 pixels (or 1350px) for 3 slides.
  • 4320 x 1080 pixels (or 1350px) for 4 slides.
  • 5400 x 1080 pixels (or 1350px) for 5 slides.
  • 6480 x 1080 pixels (or 1350px) for 6 slides.

3. Make the Carousel Image in Canva.

The purple guidelines are an optional extra in Canva. When designing frictionless carousels, this function is invaluable.
If you want to make a carousel, you need to know when one slide finishes and the next one starts.
In order to see guides and rulers as you work, choose the file (found in the upper left corner) and then click the checkboxes next to Show Guides and Show Rulers.
You may now press down on your design with the mouse key to bring up a ruler. You may start this from the top or the left. We have to bring carousels in from the left side.
Seamless Multi Post Instagram Without Photoshop 3
Insert a 1080px-wide ruler guide at regular intervals to denote the slide boundaries in your carousel.

Tips for Seamless Carousel Design

Here are several design tricks that will make your seamless carousel more engaging and worthwhile to swipe through.
  • The title slide is the first thing visitors will see in your carousel, so make it stand out with attention-grabbing font sizes, memes, or a catchy introduction.
  • Create an intriguing overlapping effect by positioning components precisely where two sides meet.
  • For a seamless look, utilize huge pictures or gradients.
  • Make your carousel more engaging by coming up with unique layouts for each slide.
  • Put a call to action on your final slide to get visitors to visit your profile or click the link in your bio.

4. Share your Instagram carousel design with ease.

When you’re satisfied with your layout, you may download the entire file and then cut it up into individual articles.
  1. Go to the Instagram Grid Maker, and click on the Upload an Image button.
  2. Choose one image to use in your carousel and add it to our editor.
    Seamless Multi Post Instagram Without Photoshop 4

  3. Select the number of slides you’d like to display in a carousel under Columns, and then switch image Cut to Carousel.
  4. By just clicking the Split Image button, the Grid Maker will divide your carousel into a set number of uniform slides.

Create Carousel Instagram Post Using Snapseed

1. Download, set up, and launch Snapsedd

Launch Snapseed and load up your photo. Those who don’t already have it can get it via the Google Play Store.

2. Image Cropping

Using a 3:2 aspect ratio, crop the image (Landscape). Make sure the focal points of your image are visible by adjusting the crop.
Seamless Multi Post Instagram Without Photoshop
When we’re through here, the picture will be cut in half. These two photos are too tiny to upload as a single image, so you’ll need to utilize the carousel post format instead.

3. Make sure to save the cropped image

Keep only the image you’ve trimmed. Then, in the top-right corner of Snapseed, select the first symbol from the left to reverse the most recent change.

Making a Carousel Post on Instagram

Follow the steps below to create a carousel post on Instagram after you have your photographs or videos ready to go:
1. Click on the “+” button from the navigation bar at the top of your screen.
2. Choose to make a new “Post”.
3. “Select Multiple” by clicking the corresponding menu item.
4. Select the media files you wish to utilize for the carousel post. The carousel may hold up to 10 media files of your choosing. After that, click the “Next” button.
5. You may add filters to your images and videos just as you would when uploading a single image. Applying the same filter to all the photos and videos will give the collection a unified feel. When you’re ready, click “Next.”
6. You need to fill up your carousel post with more information. Make sure to provide a decent and engaging caption that will entice people to click on it. If you want more people to see your Instagram post, you may increase its discoverability by including trending and pertinent hashtags. As with any ordinary post, this is where you may tag individuals, specify a location, or set a reminder.
7. When you’re through organizing everything, just tap the “Share” button. You’ve completed your Instagram carousel post and published it.

Making Instagram Carousel Templates

Keeping a constant flow of high-quality photographs is one of Instagram’s best practices. Choose the images for your carousel posts with care to maintain a consistent and on-brand aesthetic throughout your feed. Use a premade Instagram carousel template to simplify the process.
Instagram slideshow layouts provide a structure for your slideshow posts. Each image has the same feel because the same color palettes, fonts, and other design elements are used throughout. A new carousel post may be made by adding text, images, and other media to these pre-made layouts.

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