How To Move Downloads Folder To Another Drive In Windows 10

The Downloads directory is a crucial part of every Windows machine. It is the default location for any files downloaded using a web browser like Google Chrome. It’s not unusual for the size of the Downloads folder to grow into the gigabytes because it contains all downloaded files. Move the Downloads folder to a different … Read more

kusina February 10, 2023

Can I Install Apple Devices App In Windows10?

The Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices apps for Windows 11 were just just made available by Apple. What exactly is the app known as Apple Devices? This new software, Apple Devices, is intended to serve as a replacement for the iTunes app. The Apple Devices app, as the name indicates, enables you to … Read more

kusina February 9, 2023

How To View Recently Updated Apps In Windows 10

Users do not need to update their programs manually since Windows 10/11 automatically and in the background updates apps that have been installed from the Store by default. Because users are not required to take any action in order for applications to receive updates, consumers are not aware of which apps have just received an … Read more

kusina February 7, 2023

How to Enable Microsoft Teams on Startup in Windows 10

Microsoft Teams is a market-leading piece of software for coordinating many users. The Teams app may be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. When you install Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 or Windows 11, the app will be set up to launch during system startup by default. During startup, you can disable … Read more

kusina February 6, 2023

Cara Mengatasi Setup Needs Next Disk

Pada tulisan ini, kita akan membahas cara mengatasi setup needs next disk. Kesalahan yang sering terjadi ketika menginstal aplikasi pada Windows adalah pesan pop-up “Setup Needs Next Disk” atau “Pengaturan memerlukan disk berikutnya”. “Please Insert Disc 1 and clik OK” atau “masukkan Disk 1, lalu klik OK”. “If the files on this dis can be … Read more

Kara February 4, 2023